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Professional - Fully Qualified - Ofsted Registered Childminder
Tel: 01202 981404
at Little Cherries we care, share, learn and have fun!
at Little Cherries we care, share, learn and have fun!
Tel: 01202 981404
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Questions and Answers

Here is a selection of questions that we are asked on a regular basis. If you don't find the answer you are looking for here just send us a message by email or you can fill in the form at the bottom of the page.
Are you Ofsted registered?
Yes, I am Ofsted registered and currently hold a rating of "Good Provider". My certificate is displayed in our playroom , so please ask if you would like to see it. There is more detail on my Ofsted Page. You can also search for registration, and read Ofsted Registration Reports online during your decision making process. You will need my reference number which I will provide on request.

What other children are you taking care of?
We have quite a few children who come to us at Little Cherries, each day is a little different as not all come every day but I can let you know which chidren attend on your chosen days.

School pick up and drop offs
This again can vary according to who is attending on the day so school drop offs are something we can discuss to see if it can be done.

What are your costs?
I have a Current Fees page which should answer any questions about costs. But please feel free to ask anything you are not sure about.

What activities do you provide?
We have a dedicated playroom which has a large selection of toys, games, musical instruments etc. And in good weather we also utilise our large garden which has a 6 foot fence all around so is completely safe. During the covid situation we are not taking the children to playgroups or soft play, or on our regular outings to places like Farmer Palmers, Moors Valley & Avon Heath Country Park so we have purchased additional resources for our garden ready for the summer months. You can see the sort of things we get up to on our Photo Gallery Page.

What meals and snacks do you provide?
We provide snacks and food as required. Our food page dedicated to this which provides more information.

Where can my child sleep and rest?
The children we look after have varying nap or sleep times. We have a few different areas where children can rest and we will show you these if you choose to visit us.

How will I be informed of my child’s progress?
When you come to collect your child at the end of their session we provide a verbal handover, letting you know what we have been up to and how they have been. Babies will also be provided with their own book which we fill in daily and you can take it home with you each day, add any comments you wish and return with your child on the next session. The handover helps to confirm that we are providing exactly the kind of experience you want for your child, at the same time highlighting any problem areas so we can discuss how to remedy them.

Who else is in the home?
The house is "lived in" by Claire and her husband Andy. Steff (Claires sister) comes to work alongside Claire during the day. Andy is a local bus driver and has a varied shift pattern, the children and yourselves will all meet him at some point but most of the time if he is not at work he spends most of the day upstairs. We don't have any pets at the moment.

Do you provide a ‘settling in’ period?
You may choose a childminder, and it may not work out. The arrangement has to work for everyone and so it is always a good idea to agree a settling in period – whereby you agree a set length of time, during which all parties can assess whether the childcare arrangement is working for everyone, and if appropriate, end them without the normal notice period. Some children settle very quickly, some take a while, no two are the same and we are happy to try for as long as it takes. It is important that any child is happy to be here and we will always work very closely with you to make sure it is done the right way for your child. Our Settling In page will tell you more about this.

There are lots of other questions you may think of once you have read through these ones. Remember, don’t be afraid to ask! We are always very happy to answer any questions you have about the care of your child.

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at Little Cherries we care, share, learn and have fun!
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